About PGR

PGR's exclusive client base and gated network maximize the value of incremental information, giving institutional investors and analysts a strategic advantage when making investment decisions. Further, Primary Global Research is a broker-dealer with a trading desk.

During the research process, PGR's vertical managers work closely with clients not only to identify suitable experts and actionable data, but also to contribute ideas, perspective and strategy. Using PGR's multi-faceted approach, analysts can quickly capture and evaluate vital information to make well-informed, profitable decisions.

PGR's technology enables clients to:

Generate innovative strategies and make well-informed decisions.

An idea-oriented research process and relevant, timely information help clients respond quickly and deliberately to market changes, IPOs and other significant events.

Save time.

PGR allows for direct access to pre-screened professionals who offer expertise in healthcare, technology, retail, media, telecommunications, manufacturing, energy, aerospace and more.

Understand, anticipate and navigate change.
We proactively report on proprietary data obtained from the GATE network, industry announcements, anticipated IPOs, insider buying and other events.

Gain a competitive edge.
A limited client base, a gated network and real-time updates maximize the exclusivity and value of the strategic information that PGR provides to our clients.

A transparent, independent resource

Verifiable data from independent sources assures authenticity and value in arriving at a cohesive and cogent thesis and, ultimately, a viable investment opportunity. This adaptable, end-to-end solution makes PGR the buy-side professional's preferred research partner.

PGR provides its services exclusively to buy-side investment professionals. For more information about PGR's primary research solution, contact us.

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