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Discovering new investment opportunities in Energy, Industrial and Commodities sectors requires cutting-edge information and data points. As in the past, no other sector will influence the global economy more.

PGR garners information from a wide variety of sources, from C-level executives to manufacturers. This allows us to provide our clients with the investment insight they need. Led by Bryan Ciambella, a seasoned securities analyst with operational experience, PGR’s EI&C expert network has the ability to synthesize and analyze trends that will separate you from the competition.

Our goal is to find the information and individuals that will let you shape tomorrow’s market.

Information to meet your needs

However you look at industries and markets, PGR delivers independent, verifiable data in a context to suit your processes and viewpoint:

  • Thematic, identifying and understanding long-term trends;

  • Functional, with a focus on technology, processes, products or services;

  • Allocation-based, identifying specific growth opportunities through trends in asset or capital deployment; or

  • Opportunistic, specialized strategies to identify disruptive change that is occurring or is about to occur.

A verifiable, independent resource

PGR's data and analysis is the product of numerous, independent expert sources. This assures authenticity and value in building cohesive, cogent theses that lead to viable investment opportunities.
With a flexible, end-to-end solution that brings strategic opportunities to light, PGR is the buy-side professional's preferred research partner.

PGR provides its services exclusively to buy-side investment professionals. For more information about PGR's primary research solution in the energy and industrials sectors, contact us.