Benefits Of Membership

Our expert network consists of a diverse and talented pool of driven professionals, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. Whether you're a CEO, scientist, sales rep, engineer, physician, regulatory specialist, manufacturer, global distributor or other industry professional, membership in the GATE network offers concrete benefits:

Exposure to buy side analysts and investors - By interacting with investment professionals, GATE members gain unique insight into not only Wall Street perceptions of their industry and company, but also investor concerns and issues surrounding current and future market conditions.

Senior-level networking - The PGR team identifies opportunities and facilitates strategic alliances between experts in the GATE network, creating a truly global group of contacts. It also hosts events and one-on-one meetings for experts to explore areas of mutual interest.

Up-to-the-minute research - PGR's proprietary database lists briefings and analyses from multiple channels.

Self-defined consulting fees and schedules - Members set their own rates and are paid promptly for all consultations. They can decline a request for consultation at any time, for any reason. Membership is free.

Professional development and exposure - GATE professionals inform and educate industry leaders and innovators, and help influence the direction of their industry. Doing so builds recognition for subject matter expertise, hones consulting skills and contributes to overall knowledge and experience.

Consultation management - PGR pre-screens client requests and potential experts within our network for conflicts of interest, regulatory compliance and other issues. If an expert agrees to accept an engagement, PGR handles all meeting scheduling and logistics. Clients cannot directly contact experts.