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ExpertPulse is a unique digital information platform created to help PGR experts increase their consulting incomes by raising their visibility among PGR’s clients – all with a high degree of control and flexibility and a rigorous compliance review built-in.

Reach a wider audience.

Unique and proprietary to PGR, ExpertPulse gives you an effective platform from which to market your expertise, insight and ideas directly to PGR’s client community.

ExpertPulse can even push selected commentary outside PGR’s client perimeter to reach members of the news media and industry commentators, establishing your reputation and visibility across an even wider landscape.

Enhance your income.

PGR industry experts earn incremental income by posting to ExpertPulse while establishing their bona fides within PGR’s expanded universe of clients and driving increases in consulting requests and income.

Manage your resources.

ExpertPulse also provides comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to manage consultation schedules, track invoice and payment history and update your bio and work history.

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