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For money managers looking for and evaluating opportunities in the Financial Services sector, the ability to predict, evaluate and respond to a constantly changing flow of information is truly the key to success.

PGR provides you with access to a network of the most experienced and knowledgeable financial services industry experts to help you effectively and proactively manage risk. With considerable expertise, familiarity and exposure to professionals at key levels throughout the financial services industry, PGR’s Financial Services network is your best source for up-to-the-minute data and analysis on developments and trends in the Financial Services sector.

Information to fit your needs

PGR puts you in contact with exactly the right experts to provide you with exactly the information you seek.

Employing a rigorously compliant and transparent process, PGR provides its clients with independent, verifiable data and analytics in formats that suit a range of processes and perspectives.

  • Thematic, long-term trend data and extrapolation

  • Functional, focused on specific areas, practices, products or services

  • Asset allocation-based, trends in capital and talent distribution

  • Opportunistic, seismic shifts or disruptive change that is occurring or bound to occur

Independent, verifiable information and analysis

PGR's expert network is populated by industry professionals with demonstrated experience and defined expertise in a wide range of industry sectors. This network in combination with PGR’s team of in-house analysts and Vertical Managers is what led Integrity Research to name PGR at the top of its list of expert network-based primary research organizations.

PGR provides its services exclusively to buy-side investment professionals. For more information about PGR's primary research solution in the financial services sector, contact us.