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In the healthcare sector, achieving the greatest return is often a result of anticipating and successfully navigating change. In this industry, the interplay of reimbursement, policy and commercial enterprise can alter the flow of capital affecting outcomes in scientific development, practice management and supply-chain economics.

PGR's fundamental research model provides a comprehensive vision of healthcare sector developments and trends; the result of up-to-the-minute industry data from the industry’s leading expert network evaluated and interpreted by a specialized, in-house analyst team.

Uncover opportunity and better evaluate the profitable from the promising, the sustainable from the short-lived. This is the new paradigm in sell-side research. This is PGR.

Information & analysis to your requirements

Independent, verifiable data and analytics in a format that suits your processes and perspectives.

  • Thematic, long-term trend data and extrapolation.

  • Functional, focused on specific areas, practices, products or services.

  • Asset allocation-based, trends in capital and talent distribution.

  • Opportunistic, seismic shifts or disruptive change that is occurring or bound to occur.

Independent, verifiable information and analysis

PGR's industry-leading expert network puts an array of qualified experts at your disposal. Physicians, clinicians, administrators, researchers, regulatory administrators — a world of information from qualified healthcare professionals and in-house experts to build a cogent and strategic analysis and a viable investment plan.

PGR's easy-to-use, end-to-end information solution uncovers and qualifies strategic opportunities. This is why PGR is the buy-side professional's preferred research partner.

PGR provides its services exclusively to buy-side investment professionals. For more information about PGR's primary research solution in the healthcare sector, contact us.