Frequently Asked Questions

"Our founding members come with deep and significant industry backgrounds. They designed PGR's research framework to support "real world" views of the industries that PGR covers.


Answers to Popular Questions on PGR's Primary Research Methods, Expert Network & Much More

Who is Primary Global Research?

PGR is a unique, sell-side investment research firm based in California. We provide primary research, ideas, perspective, data sources and services to some of the top investment funds in the world.

What industries does Primary Global Research cover?

We cover energy and industrials, healthcare, consumer goods and services, retail, telecommunications, technology and other industries, as well as sub-sectors of each major industry.

What is GATE?

GATE stands for Global Advisory Team of Experts. GATE members have real-world experience in industries such as healthcare, technology, media, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, energy and aerospace. They speak one-on-one with PGR clients to provide up-to-the-minute intelligence on trends, issues, regulations and dynamics affecting a particular company, product or industry.

How do experts get recruited and screened for GATE?

We recruit professionals from major industry conferences, trade publications and other well-respected sources and forums. The PGR team interviews each expert and publishes to the client portal the expert's background, knowledge base and position in the value chain. Clients can use the proprietary portal to easily view information about every expert in the GATE network as well as the expert's comments and opinions—anytime, anywhere. If you have interest in joining our team of professionals, let us know.

What is the process for working with an expert?

PGR works closely with clients to pinpoint their research objectives, map out factors affecting the targeted company's success and determine which experts are most qualified to provide relevant data points and insights. When a client requests a meeting with a specific expert, PGR vets the expert for conflicts of interest, regulatory compliance and availability. Then, PGR schedules a one-on-one phone consultation. PGR can also arrange private face-to-face meetings—whether at the client's office, as part of a field trip to a region of interest, or during an industry conference or seminar.

Who do I contact to get more information about Primary Global Research?

All of our contact information can be found here.