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"The quality of the work I received from PGR demonstrated their exceptional insight into complex issues. I'm pleased to have chosen PGR as a research partner and look forward to working with them in the future."


Managing investment opportunities in today's complex and global ecosystem of manufacturers, distributors, resellers and designers requires having the right resources at hand.

PGR's expert network coupled with a specialized team of industry analysts provides buy-side investment professionals with an unmatched capability to track and measure the interplay of numerous factors up close and in real time, including enterprise-oriented IT metrics such as ROI and TCO, rates of obsolescence and ASPs of components along the value chain.

Aligned with your perspective

PGR delivers independent, verifiable data in a format and context suited to your needs:

  • Thematically, seeking out long-term trends in either consumer or enterprise markets;

  • Functionally, focusing on semiconductors, data centers, software, telecommunications or internet;

  • Concentrated on asset allocation to identify growth opportunities in specific industries; or

  • A specialized opportunistic strategy to identify and isolate seismic shifts and disruptive change that is either occurring or bound to occur.

A transparent, independent resource

Verifiable data from numerous independent, expert sources assures authenticity and value in actions and trends that inform a cohesive and cogent thesis and, ultimately, a viable investment opportunity.

This flexible, end-to-end solution to uncover and qualify definitive strategic opportunities makes PGR the buy-side professional's preferred research partner.

PGR provides its services exclusively to buy-side investment professionals. For more information about PGR's primary research solution in the technology sector, contact us.